Rhythm Sticks Rap And Tap CD

Rhythm Sticks Rap And Tap CD
Item# KIM9313CD

Product Description

By Michael Plunkett
Play to the beat with rhythm sticks! Children gain rhythmic sense, develop motor skills and learn valuable concepts. The musical patterns reinforce skills such as loud/soft, fast/slow, up and down, back, forward, colors and numbers. Rhythm stick play fosters listening skills and helps improve coordination, body identification, and creative expression. Your children will love Rockability Rhythm Sticks, Rhythm Stick Cha Cha, Color Rap & Tap, Echo Sticks, Kool Kats, Beat Street, Who’s Got The Rhythm Today? and more.

Song Title
1. The Rhythm Stick Shuffle
2. Who’s Got The Rhythm Today?
3. Rhythm Stick Cha-Cha
4. Rockabilly Rhythm Sticks
5. Kool Kats
6. The Rhythm Stick Train
7. Rhythm Stick Reggae
8. The Rhythm Stick March
9. Echo Sticks
10. Big Rhythm
11. Beat Street
12. Color Tap Song
13. The Rhythm Stick Shuffle (Instr.)
14. Rhythm Stick Cha-Cha (Instr.)
15. Rockabilly Rhythm Sticks (Instr.)
16. The Rhythm Stick Train (Instr.)
17. The Rhythm Stick March (Instr)
18. Beat Street (Instr.)