Rhythms On Parade CD

Rhythms On Parade CD
Item# CD-633

Product Description

by Hap Palmer

Celebrate the joys of rhythm with this unique collection of songs. Children explore basic musical concepts through a colorful assortment of playful images.

Includes these songs:
Rhythms On Parade
The Mice Go Marching
Roller Coaster
Jingle Bell Bees
Mother Goose Has Rhythmical Rhymes
Kris Kringle's Jingle Bell Band
Switch On The Music
Tap Your Sticks
Sounds Around The World
Bean Bag Shake
Homemade Band
Choose an Instrument
Country Classics Stop And Start
Spreading Rhythm
Stuff It In The Closet
Slow And Fast
Walking Notes
Play And Rest
Old Mac Donald's Band
I'm A Little Wood Block
Stick Dance
Choose An Instrument (Instrumental)