Item# KIM9312CD

Product Description

By LeAnn Haggard
Heart-Healthy Fitness For Kids. 10 motivating easy-to-teach routines set to great music! Guaranteed to get children so excited they’ll want to get up and get moving! All of the major gross motor movements are included. This unique CD features a section called Brain Breaks. These short activities are meant to “jump-start” the brain for learning. The brain-friendly routines can be used as transitions to help kids get energized, re-focused and re-charged. Includes Surfin’ The Brain Wave, Latin Heat, Bop N’ Roll, Rap, Zap, Rockin’ Aerobics, Country Stroll and more.

Song List:
Vocal Instruction & Music
1. Latin Heat
2. Hip Hoppin’ Groove Moves
3. In A Mumbai Mood
4. Country Stroll
5. Hustle Bustle
6. Rockin’ Aerobics
7. Bluegrass Stomp
8. Disco Disco
9. Bop N Roll
10. Rap Zap
11. Classic Cool DownBrain Breaks
12. Surfin’ The Brain Wave
13. Mariachi Mind Moves
14. TimeoutInstrumentals
15. Latin Heat
16. Hop Hoppin’ Groove Moves
17. Mumbai Mood
18. Hustle Bustle
19. Rockin’ Aerobics
20. Bluegrass Stomp