Rockin' Rhythm Band CD

Rockin' Rhythm Band CD
Item# CD94

Product Description

by Jill Gallina & Michael Gallina

An exciting approach to rhythm band activities that teaches and stimulates at the same time. The original music provides lively games and activities easily adaptable for use with small or large groups and enjoyable for children of all ages. Each activity has been specifically designed to aid in the development of fine and gross motor skills, auditory discrimination, pattering and sequencing.

Includes these songs:
Vocals and Music
Rock 'N' Roll Band
Pass The instruments
Play This Rhythm
Calypso Island
The Marching Band
Play Soft, Play Loud
Rock 'N' Roll Band (Music Only)
Pass The Instruments (Music Only)
Play This Rhythm (Music Only)
Calypso Island (Music Only)
The Marching Band (Music Only)
Play Soft, Play Loud (Music Only)