Save The Animals, Save The Earth CD

Save The Animals, Save The Earth CD
Item# KIM9124CD

Product Description

This musical CD will connect to important thematic units on the environment. Songs will help children to become responsible for the Earth by learning facts. Children will develop an awareness of recycling, conservation the ozone layer and more. Information approved by U.S. Fish and Wildlife and the EPA. Guide with lyrics included.

ISBN-10: 1-56346-022-X

Song List
1. Save the Animals, Save The Earth
2. I Live In the Zoo
3. The Rainforest
4. In The Jungle Tonight
5. Endangered Animal Babies
6. The Wetlands
7. Baby Whooping Crane
8. The Animal Rap
9. What Can I Do?
10. The Animals Are Talking
11. The Platypus Polka Party
12. The Animal Alphabet Song
13. It's Everyone's World