Seasonal Songs in Motion CD

Seasonal Songs in Motion CD
Item# LS-1200

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(Ages 3 & up) Runtime-49:57

All four seasons come alive with this collection of 15 original and classic songs and activities. Row, Row Your Boat to a fun adventure, rock around the Mulberry Bush and bounce to a new London Bridges beat. Join us for this musical celebration of the seasons that will have you movin', groovin' singing and dancing. Also includes songs for Kwanzaa and Hanukah.

Complete Track List:
Hungry Caterpillar
Spring is Here
Green Grass Grows
Mulberry Bush
Row, Row, Row Adventure
It's Fall Again
Stirring Our Brew
Dradel, Dradel, Dradel
Comin' Down the Chimney
If You Feel It
London Bridges
Can You Do It?
I Got a Hat