Sift and Splash CD

Sift and Splash CD
Item# LS-9000

Product Description

(Ages 3 - 5) Runtime-47:32

Sift and Splash CD, We listened to your requests... now here it is! Yes, finally, songs and activities created specifically for sand and water play. You will add a new blast of creative learning, science, math, social interaction and fun to your sand and water tables. This collection of interactive songs and activities will invite children to play-a-long as they sift, shape, pour and scoop. Everyone will explore floating, boating, sifting, mea-suring and mixing. Just as important, a positive way to encourage following directions, sharing and making friends.

Lyrics included.

Complete Track List:
Friends in the Water
Finger Fish
Water Pump
Splish Splash ( Dolly's in the Bath)
Float or Sink
It's Raining, Raining
Dry Them Off
The Sifter
Sand Person
Sand Art
Sandbox Soup
Gonna Build a Sandman
We're Done With Sand