Silly Willy Moves Through The ABC's CD

Silly Willy Moves Through The ABC's CD
Item# CD-550

Product Description

by Brenda Colgate, Certified PE & Kindergarten Teacher

Each letter of the alphabet is introduced, then followed by original songs that will capture a child's imagination while developing fitness and locomotor skills. Learning the alphabet, letter sounds, vocabulary, and creative movement combine for an active learning experience!

Includes these songs:
Silly Willy Moves To The Alphabet (chorus)
Animal Antics
The Buddy Balance
Crazy Crab Crawl
Dinosaur Disco Dance
Exercising Elephants
The Flamingo Freeze
Gorilla Gallop
Happy Hummingbirds
Jolly Jump Rope
Kangaroo Kick
Lion Leap
Monkey March
Nimble Nanny Goats
Oscar the Odd Octopus
Popcorn Party
Quiet Queen
Running In the Rain
Let's Swim
Tiptoe On a Tightrope
Under the Umbrella
Vegetable Volleyball
The Wiggle Walk
Alphabet Song (Traditional)