Singing, Moving and Fun CD

Singing, Moving and Fun CD
Item# LS-1000

Product Description

(Ages 3-5) Runtime-31:59

Youngsters love these exuberant rhythms, play-a-long activities and lively action tunes. Using song and movement, children are invited to participate and learn about their feelings, safety, colors and sounds. Everyone will get silly and learn opposites with the wild and wacky Willy Dilly, build healthy muscles as they Body Bop and develop a positive self-esteem with Yes I Can. Featuring Say No To Strangers, Willy Dilly Diddle Hop, I Got a Mosquito and more.

Lyrics and teaching suggestions included.

Now Available as a Revised edition on CD!

Complete Track List:
What Color is This?
All the Sounds
Willy Dilly Diddle Hop
Body Bop
You Are My Teacher
Say No to Strangers
Yes I Can
I Got a Mosquito