Sittercise CD

Sittercise CD
Item# KIM2045CD

Product Description

The physically challenged will enjoy getting fit while they sit. Also appropriate for senior citizens and exercising in limited spaces. Seated exercises stimulate cardiovascular fitness with stretching, warm-ups, aerobic, cool-downs and relaxation training.This very popular and unique CD is by Billy Gober.

AGES: 4 and up
ISBN-10: 1-56346-028-9

Song List
1. Stretch It - Music: Your Touch of Magic
2. Rocky Too! - Music: Rocky Too
3. Clapping - Music: Make Up Your Mind
4. The Arms Race - Music: Harlem Smoke
5. In The Swim - Music: The Happy Hopper
6. A Rolls Royce Ride - Music: The T-Bird
7. Bicycle - Music: Love That's Healing
8. Stand Up - Sit Down - Music: Hold Your Head Up High
9. The Elevator - Music: A Dimple in Your Cheek
10. Isometrics - Music: Dancing All Night with You
11. Tapping Your Toes - Music: Tapping the Toe
12. Relaxation - Music: Original