So Big CD

So Big CD
Item# CD-678

Product Description

by Hap Palmer

These easy-to-learn activity songs are designed for pre-school and primary grade learners. They tap children's natural desire to move, sing, and make-believe. From a tiny chick curled inside an egg, to the vigorous movements of a galloping pony, a full range of images and movement possibilities are explored. While clapping, stamping, turning, reaching, falling, throwing, catching, bending, twisting, crawling, walking, hopping, running and soaring, the whole child is engaged in developing movement skills, enriching language, experiencing basic math and science concepts, and stimulating imaginative powers.

Includes these songs:
So Happy You're Here
Five Little Monkeys
I'm A Pretzel
So Big
Rock and Roll Freeze Dance
Baby Chickie
When I'm Down I Get Up And Dance
Ten Wiggle Worms (Part I)
Ten Wiggle Worms (Part II)
Bluegrass Jamboree
Teddy Bear Playtime
Put Your Hands In The Air
Big Things Come From Little Things You Do