SPARK K-2 P.E. Program (6 CD's)

SPARK K-2 P.E. Program   (6 CD's)
Item# SK2PEP

Product Description

All Time Favorite Dances - Includes the Chicken Dance, Bunny Hop, Hora, Cotton Eyed Joe and Hokey Pokey
We All Live Together Vol. 2 - Includes The Boogie Walk, Muffin Man, The Freeze and many more
Folk Dance Fun - Includes the Mexican Hat Dance, Italian Tarantella, German Clapping Dance, and more
Perceptual Motor Rhythm Games - Includes the Bouncer, Shoemaker's Dance Seven Jumps and more
Aligator Purse - Includes Red Light Stop, Monkey See Monkey Do, and many more
Jump (Join Us Moving Please) - Includes Let's Go To The Jungle, Fun, Fun, Fun, Kid's Star, Safety Song, Caterpillars to Butterflies, Kuma San, The Elaphant's Rainbow, Spoons, Giraffe With Jingle Bells and more
Streamer and Ribbon Activities - Includes La Burrita and eleven more fun activities
Chinese Ribbon Dance - Includes Chinese Ribbon Dance
C-12 Blank Cassettes - Includes 6 minutes of recording time on each side. Order for both brograms.