Square Dance Instrumentals

Square Dance Instrumentals
Item# WW6005CD

Product Description

This CD contains 14 Lively Square Dance Instrumentals. It is great for your students to create their own calls or for an instructor to call their own square dances. A wonderful tool for your students to explore and create dances. Directions for each dance are also included with the CD. The dances included are:

1. Engine No. 9 2. Bad Bad Leroy Brown 3. Hey Li Lee Li Lee 4. If They Could See Me Now 5. Long Lonesome Highway 6. Robinson Crusoe 7. Glendale Train 8. Shindig In The Barn 9. Walkin' In The Sunshine 10. England Swings 11. The Race Is On 12. Sweet Personality 13. Billy John 14. Freddie Fancy