Steel Band Jamboree CD

Steel Band Jamboree CD
Item# CD-750

Product Description

by Frank Leto

Master musician and teacher, Frank Leto, combines pulsating rhythms with catchy, easy-to-follow lyrics to add zest to your movement classes. His tremendously appealing Calypso and Caribbean rhythms inspire children of all ages to enthusiastic movement and participation. Great for classroom use, multicultural awareness, fun, and physical activity to a different beat. A sure winner for school programs! Instrumental versions are available for most songs.

Room to Move (Warm Up)
Jumping Jack
Here to There
Jump, Jump, Jump
Doing the Swim
Zig Zag
It's Limbo Time
Walk Around the Circle
Tight Rope
Tip Toe
Slow Motion (Cool Down)
Room to Move (Instrumental)
Jumping Jack (Instrumental)
Here to There (Instrumental)
Doing the Swim (Instrumental)
Slow Motion (Instrumental)