Sticky Bubble Gum and Other Tasty Tunes CD

Sticky Bubble Gum and Other Tasty Tunes CD
Item# CD-863

Product Description

by Carole Peterson

Twenty-one engaging, participatory tunes for young children. Lots of fun and easy to do!

Carole Peterson delivers a medley of original and traditional tunes that children love. The title song "Sticky Bubble Gum" encourages a lot of fun movements as listeners pretend that one part of their body is stuck to another part by bubble gum.

"Parents will find it a treasure for using at home with their preschoolers." --School Libarary Journal

Songs include:
Hello Everybody!
Sticky Bubble Gum
Clap, Clap, Clap Your Hands
Creepy Mouse / Sneaky Cat
Little Old Wagon
Jimmy Crack Corn
My Grandfather's Clock
The Wiggle Song
Two Little Blackbirds
The Muffin Man Dance
Horsey Rides
My Pet Dinosaur
Gifts for Mommy
I Am a Fine Musician
Baby Duck/Duckie Countdown
The Hokey Pokey
The Beaver Call
Roll the Ball
Criss Cross, Applesauce
Goodbye Medley