Streamer And Ribbon Activities CD

Streamer And Ribbon Activities CD
Item# CD578

Product Description

by Henry Buzz Glass & Jack Capon

This new approach to the traditional Chinese Ribbon Dance combines modern, folk, and soul music with the excitement and beauty of flowing streamers. There are over ten activities which you can easily adapt to the needs of students pre-school and up. May be modified for special education and enhanced to challenge the gifted. Streamer and Ribbon Activities do not require the use of partners thus allowing individuality to surface. The hypnotic magic of the Streamer/Ribbon removes self-consciousness from participants and allows for free and joyous movement expression. Boys as well as girls thoroughly enjoy these innovative physical experiences which exercise the entire body.

Includes these songs:
Jive Talking
With Imagination
Rodeo Roundup
Happy Time
A Soft White Cloud
Teach The World To Sing
You Show Me
La Burrita
The Falling Rain
Tennessee Saturday Night
The Follow Game