Tony Chestnut CD

Tony Chestnut CD
Item# LS-7000

Product Description

Tony Chestnut & Fun Time Action Songs

Ages: 3 & up (Adults LOVE it too!)

This musical collection is brimming with 14 lively action songs, circle games and upbeat, learning fun. Top rated internationally by educators and parents this CD features the HIT songs, Tony Chestnut, Five Little Monkeys and Shiny Clean Dance. On top of all this fun, itís quite a healthy workout too!

Everyoneís favorite song by far is Tony Chestnut! If youíve havenít heard of this song, then youíve missed out on a LOT of FUN! Tony Chestnut is a delightful, silly tune that will have everyone moving and laughing as they try to keep up with movements that use body parts to replace words; point to your toe, knee, chest and nut (head). As it speeds up, so does the fun (Even a blast for a group of business professionals who have been sitting in a long meeting!). Runtime: 42:02

Includes booklet with lyrics and movements

Complete Track List:
Tony Chestnut
Five Little Monkeys
Way Down Yonder
One, Two Buckle My Shoe
How Much is That Doggie?
Mr. Mirror
I Like Friends
Swimming Song
Shiny Clean Dance
Imagination, Communication
Pump, Pump Shuffle
Twister Time
The Spirit Song