Totally Reading CD

Totally Reading CD
Item# DJ-D13

Product Description

This Dr. Jean Double CD set is filled with 39 tunes and 10 instrumental versions geared to aid children on their journey towards literacy. The songs cover these essenatial areas: Readiness, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Comprehension, Vocabulary and Writing.

Song Titles:
Disc One
1. Donít You Just Love to Read?
2. Color Train
3. Deck the Room
4. Alphabet Antics
Phonemic Awareness
5. Nursery Rhyme Marathon
6. Rhythm Rhyme
7. Miss Mary Fill in the Blank
8. Pepperoni Pizza
9. Syllable Clap
10. Put Together Compounds
11. Word Families
12. Happy Birthday Letters
13. Who Let the Letters Out? (Open version)
14. I Know an Old Man Who Swallowed a Letter
15. Letter Box
16. Letter Round-Up
17. Sweet Vowels
18. Slide and Blend
19. Diagraph Walk
20. The Tools of Good Readers
21. Rapping Words
22. Lifetime Words
23. Punctuation Pays

Disc Two
1. Who? What? Where? When? Why?
2. It's Fact and Fiction Time
3. Where Can You Go When You Need to Know?
4. Parts of Speech Hoedown
5. Endings
6. We Can Do Opposites
7. Synonym Stomp,
8. O, Those Contractions
9. Ready to Write
10. Pencil Talk
11. Karate Writing
12. Writing Uppercase Letters
13. Rhyme to Write Lowercase Letters
14. Hi Ho Librario - Parts of a Book
15. Parts of a Letter
16. Good-Bye, Friends! Instrumentals
17. Letter Round-Up
18. Deck The Room
19. Word Families
20. Pepperoni Pizza
21. Good-Bye Friends!
22. Nursery Rhyme Marathon
23. Synonym Stomp
24. Happy Birthday Letters
25. Rhythm Rhyme
26. We Can Do Opposites