Traditional Marches CD

Traditional Marches CD
Item# KIM9164CD

Product Description

Twelve popular marches by a stirring 30 piece band will stimulate activity in your class. These stand-up exercises promote a physical fitness conditioning program for middle and upper elementary grades and will promote arm and shoulder development, leg development, endurance, flexibility, trunk development, coordination, agility and good posture. The music may also be used for baton twirling, formation marching, drills, whistle signals, strutting, flag twirling and more.

AGES: 6 & Up
ISBN-10: 1-56346-108-0

Song List
1. The Billboard
2. On the Mall
3. Semper Fidelis
4. Our Director
5. The Thunderer
6. National Emblem
7. Washington Post
8. Officer of the Day
9. Colonel Bogey
10. El Capitan
11. American Patrol
12. Stars and Stripes