Turn On The Music! CD

Turn On The Music! CD
Item# CD-530

Product Description

by Hap Palmer

Share with children the excitement of language and help them improve word comprehension and powers of imagination with these lively lyrics and memorable melodies. These songs are written from a child's point of view: what a child wishes, feels and imagines. The lyrics deal in a thoughtful and humorous way with the joys, challenges and conflicts children experience in their growing years. Questions for discussion presented in the guide.

Includes these songs:
Turn On The Music
Backwards Land
If I Had Wings
When Things Don't Go Your Way
Amanda Schlupp
Clown Song
Hurry Up Blues
When Daddy Was A Little Boy
Francie Had A Football
You Can Do It
Amos The Alligator Dude
Zany Zoo
The Summer Slumber Party
Billy Blotsky's Birthday Bash
Helping Mommy In The Kitchen
Chomping Gum
Halloween Hanukkah Christmas Ghost
Teddy Bear Ball
Turn On The Music (instrumental)