Wagon Wheels Folk Dance Now! CD

Wagon Wheels Folk Dance Now! CD

Product Description

A great new CD that has a collection of 20 popular folk dances. This CD is desgined to help any group of dancers get started to dancing in just a few minutes with a minimum of instruction. Easy directions with detailed descriptions and movements is included.

Shoo Fly • Seven Steps • Yankee Doodle • El Molino (La Raspa) • Pingo • Gustat's Skoal • La Costilla • The Hitch Hiker • Circassian Circle • Pop Goes The Weasel • Red River Valley • Teton Mountain Stomp • Coton Eyed Joe • Jiffy Mixer • Sicilian Circle • Chihuahua • All American Promenade • Patty Cake Polka • and many more!