Square Dance Now! Volume 1 CD

 Square Dance Now! Volume 1 CD
Item# WW1001

Product Description

This compact disc is designed to help any group get started square dancing in a few minutes with a minimum of instruction. These calls are easy to follow and the music is modern. The calling voice of Bob Ruff is clear and distinct. A spiral bound booklet with written descriptions and definitions for all movements and dances used is included. This compact disc covers the first twenty-two movements of square dancing as listed by Callerlab. The progression of movements parallel the Level 1 recording WW 6001 of the Instructional Searies "The Fundamentals of Square Dancing." Contents includ 8 singing calls, I contra, and I hoedown for calling.

Gentle on My Mind • Bad Bad Leroy Brown • Engine 9 • Hey Lei Lee Lei Lee • If My Friends Could See Me Now • Long Lonesome Highway • Robinson Crusoe • Glendale Train • Big Sombrero Contra • Billy John Hoedown

Basic movements used in this album include: Circle • Do Si Do • Swing • Promenade • Allernande Left • Right and LEft Grand • Right Hand Star • Split the Ring • Separate • Courtesy Turn • Two Ladies Chain • Lead Right • Circle to a Line • Right & Left Turn • Bend The Line