Square Dance Now! Volume 2 CD

 Square Dance Now!  Volume 2 CD
Item# WW1002

Product Description

This is the second in a series of recordings for the new dancer. It continues the progression of movements used in Ww1001, "Square Dance Now Vol. 1". New calls are limited to the first thirty-four-movements of square dancing as listed by Callerlab. The definitions and descriptions of the dances are included. The collaing voice of Bob Ruff is clear and distinct. The calls are easy to follow and the music is modern. Contains 8 singing calls, 1 contra, and 1 hoedown for calling.

Shindig in the Bam • King of the Road • Mississippi • Houston • England Swings • Walkin in the Sunshine • Sweet Personality • The Race is On • Shortnin' Contra • Freddie's Fancy Hoedown

Basic movements in this album include: Four Ladies Chain • Weave The Ring • See Saw Partner • Separate Go Around One or Two • Allemande Thar • All Around Left Hand Lady • Box The Gnat • Californial Twirl • Dive Thru • Do Paso • Grand Square • Pass Thru • Rollaway Hah Sashay • Shoot The Star • Split Outside Couple • Star Promenade • Uturn Pack plus beginning calls from Square Dance Now Vol. 1.