We All Live Together Series (5 Volumes)

We All Live Together Series (5 Volumes)
Item# CD15SET

Product Description

by Greg and Steve

Greg and Steve build a beautiful musical world with this series of five classic recordings. These best-loved albums are hits with children and help them build basic skills.

Volume 1 includes:
ABC Rock
Little Sir Echo
Round in a Circle
We All Live Together
Friendship March
and More!

Volume 2 includes:
Good Morning
The Number Rock
The World is a Rainbow
The Boogie Walk
Muffin Man
and More!

Volume 3 includes:
Sing a Happy Song
If You're Happy and You Know It
Simon Says (Body Parts)
Dancing Machine
and More!

Volume 4 includes:
It's a Beautiful Day
The Ugly Duckling
Everybody has Music Inside
Days of the Week (English and Spanish)
and More!

Volume 5 includes:
Rainbow of Colors
Friends Forever
Let's Go to the Market
and More!