Where Is Thumbkin? CD

Where Is Thumbkin? CD
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Activities, concepts, language patterns and social skills make a playtime that is valuable as well as fun. These songs can be tied into the months of the year. This best-seller connects with the book from Gryphon House by Thomas Moore and Dr. Pam Schiller. Sung by The Learning Station in their usual lively style. Guide with lyrics and activities.

AGES: 3 to 7
ISBN-10: 1-56346-054-8
ISBN-13: 978-1-5634-6054-8
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Where is Thumbkin?
Sing over 200 familiar songs and learn new songs set to familiar tunes. Organized by month, with a special section just for toddlers, teachers and parents will find easy-to-do song-related activities that span the curriculum in areas such as math, art and language.

Song Title
1. Where Is Thumbkin?
2. If You're Happy & You Know It
3. Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes
4. Open, Shut Them
5. We're So Glad You're Here
6. Gray Squirrel
7. Five Fat Turkeys Are We
8. She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain
9. Jingle Bells
10. Peanut Butter
11. Color Song
12. Michael Finnegan
13. The Frog Went a-Courtin'
14. Raindrop Song
15. Five Little Ducks
16. Crocodile Song
17. Fiddle-I-Fee
18. One Elephant
19. Three Little Monkeys
20. Down By the Bay
21. Kookaburra
22. Mister Moon
23. The Grand Old Duke of York
24. Do Your Ears Hang Low?
25. Apples & Bananas
26. Roll Over