Yes I Can! Songs CD

Yes I Can! Songs CD
Item# KIM9139CD

Product Description

RONNO helps children believe in themselves! Selections touch on emotions, conflicts, listening, responsibility and more. Guide with lyrics included.

AGES: 3 to 7
ISBN: 1-56346-044-0

Song List
1. I Can Sing
2. Harry, The “How Can I?” Horse (I Can Do It)
3. Lunchbag Lizard: You’re Caught!
4. I’m In Control (Keep My Cool)
5. Hugga-Dugga (Take Responsibility)
6. I Wish (Be A Friend)
7. I Can Dance
8. Happy Rappy (Help/Cooperate)
9. The Lousy Listener Bird (Listen)
10. Vacation (Be Patient/Wait)
11. The Pelican Polka
12. I Can Care