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Wagon Wheel Records - Music for Physical Education and General Education Purposes

Wagon Wheel Records and Books is the premier one stop shop for activities and music for physical education teachers,classroom teachers, recreation leaders, and parents across the country. Our diverse collection of children's music in the areas of folk dance, square dance, country dance, movement, fitness, rhythms, games, parachute activities, jump rope, bean bags, aerobics, rhythm sticks, ball activities, motor skills, preschool holidays, Spanish titles, and special needs make shopping easy and convenient for our valued customers.

Wagon Wheel Records continually expands its line of products by offering our customers the best music for education purposes available in our specialized areas. Please take a journey through our website to discover the many offering we have available to you. We now distribute over 1000 different music titles to teachers and parents throughout the United States and we take PRIDE in being a teacher and parent friendly company that provides excellent service and great music!